About Topitop

What began 29 years ago as an ambitious familiar project today constitutes one of the top-ranking Peruvian textile manufacturer-exporters.

We currently export 70% of our production, with the USA and Germany standing as our main destinations; the remaining proportion is distributed through Topitop’s retail chain stores in Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. Our plan is to expand to other markets with our own brands, designed and manufactured in our own plants.

Today, Topitop, after nearly three decades of competitive learning and continuous improvement, is a company with great experience in apparel innovation, as reflected by marked end-consumer preferences in Peru and abroad.

We boast a modern industrial complex, with five textile plants equipped with the latest machinery and a highly trained staff, allowing us to ensure timely delivery of our competitively priced, high quality products: key factors in our success.

Our Proceses

Production Capacity

Capacidad Productiva
Total monthly production capacity Industry /
Cutting 2.200,000
Sewing 2.050,000
Embroidery 200,000
Washing 1.800,000
Printing 1.600,000
Finishing 2.200,000



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